Adult Cessation Campaigns that Increase Quitline Enrollments

While national tobacco use rates are declining, tobacco use still remains high among specific subpopulations. While these groups are aware of many hard-hitting health consequences, they continue to smoke. In response, Rescue has worked in four states to develop new adult cessation strategies and messages that increase quitline enrollment among priority populations who need the most support. We’re excited to share two recent examples.

In Hawaiʻi, we worked with the State Department of Health to develop an adult cessation ad called: “The Real Ripoff.” From October to January 2021, we saw significant increases in quitline enrollments from priority populations when compared to the same timeframe from the previous year, including:

  • Overall enrollments increased by 86%
  • Enrollments from people experiencing mental health concerns, specifically depression, increased by 228%
  • Enrollments from low socioeconomic groups increased by 195%
  • Native Hawaiian enrollments increased by 114%


Our adult cessation ad “Quitting Time,” developed with Hawaiʻi and updated for Illinois in partnership with the American Lung Association in Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Health, has experienced similar success.

This campaign ran from January to February 2021 and also resulted in significant increases in quitline enrollment from previous years:

  • Overall enrollments increased by 142%
  • Enrollments from people with mental health or substance use disorders increased by 11%
  • Enrollments from low-income populations increased by 3%


If you’d like to learn more about bringing Rescue’s advanced adult cessation strategies to increase quitline enrollments in your community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Krysten Isaac.


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