A New Campaign to Prevent Meth Use in Los Angeles County

From 2011 to 2020, LA County saw a 640% increase in the number of deaths related to methamphetamine poisoning or drug overdose. Counties around the U.S. are experiencing similar trends, as the CDC reports 13% of Americans have started or increased substance use to cope with the added stress and pressures caused by the pandemic.

In partnership with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, we developed a new wave of MethFreeLACounty ads and an educational website to prevent and reduce meth use in LA County.

Our new ad “Behind the Face'' challenges the stereotype that meth use is always apparent on a person’s face, which can cause family and friends to miss the signs that a loved one might need help. This spot encourages audiences to rethink what they know about who uses meth and help them understand real signs of meth use to keep loved ones safe. “Behind the Face” was created in English and Spanish.


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Our second ad, “Turn on the Lights,” was designed to reach experimental meth users. Often, they don’t realize that from the first use, meth can start damaging their bodies in ways they can’t see. While they might know the kind of damage meth does on the outside, “Turn on the Lights” was developed to prevent use by helping experimenters understand the early damage meth is doing to them on the inside. This ad is also available in English and Spanish.


If you'd like to learn more about our approach to creating substance use prevention programs, please visit our opioid education approach page.


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