Preventing Teen Cannabis Use: Evidence-based Messaging

Over the past five years, the cannabis legalization landscape has changed dramatically, leading to confusion and misconceptions in our communities. At Rescue, we’ve worked with public health departments across the country to develop specific, evidence-based messages that address primary knowledge gaps about cannabis use for adults and increase the risk perception of cannabis use for youth.

Youth and teens are a high-priority audience for cannabis communications, as teens often don’t believe that cannabis can be harmful to their health. The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy worked with Rescue Agency to develop Your Amazing Brain,” an ad that increases teens’ perception of the risk of cannabis use. It shows teens that, because their brains are still developing, underage cannabis use can affect cognitive functioning.

The California Department of Public Health also worked with Rescue Agency to create messaging that helps parents talk to their children about cannabis to dispel myths and help them understand the risks of underage cannabis use. Watch our ad “How to Talk About Weed with Your Teens” to see how we help parents navigate this difficult conversation in a fun, approachable way. We also developed this ad in Spanish for Spanish-speaking parents in California.


We’ve also developed ads to prevent escalation of use among young adults, clarify cannabis laws for adults, and much more. If you’d like to learn more about working with Rescue Agency on your next cannabis campaign, please contact our team.


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