Promoting Physical Activity to Diverse Populations

Physical activity can help relieve the added levels of stress people have been facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But starting or keeping up with physical activity can be extra challenging as many of our vulnerable populations continue to shelter-in-place. Digitally-based interventions can help diverse populations overcome these challenges by getting active at home.

Rescue Agency worked with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to build a digital “School of Strength” for Special Olympics to promote regular physical activity to their athletes at home.

These easy-to-follow videos, featuring WWE superstar Becky Lynch, are making movement and physical activity accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. Click the link below to learn more or scroll to go directly to the new videos.

Warm-Up Video


Ignite your endurance


Boost your balance


ICYMI: Physical Activity 2.0, How to Compete with Inactivity

As part of the Big Ideas Plenary at the Weight of the State Conference, Jeffrey Jordan challenged the audience with a contradiction: How is it that high school sports have grown for 29 consecutive years, while we concurrently have a teen physical activity epidemic? It's because organized sports aren't the problem; free play is. To curb the epidemic of inactivity, we need to help free play compete with inactivity. Watch the keynote to learn how:


If you'd like to learn more about our approach to developing physical activity programs, please reach out to Dina Weldin, Group Management Director.


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