Motivating Another Quit Attempt

“I've been smoking because of anxiety and being sad and stuff. I didn’t know that [quitting] decreases anxiety…”

– Adult Smoker

The Illinois Department of Public Health and American Lung Association worked with Rescue Agency to develop a campaign that motivates adult tobacco users, especially those experiencing mental health conditions, to make a new quit attempt with the Illinois Tobacco Quitline. In our research, we heard from many adults, like the one quoted above, who explained that they often used tobacco products to de-stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Our ad “Experienced Help” explains that quitting tobacco can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression over time, and it shows people that the Illinois Tobacco Quitline has certified counselors who understand their struggles, know quitting is hard, and can provide resources that can help them quit successfully.

The “Experienced Help” campaign delivered 24.9 million impressions across traditional and online media channels, effectively reaching Illinoisans with motivating cessation messaging. It led to thousands of tobacco users reaching out to the Quitline via the website and phone number.

Since Jeff Jordan, MA, founded Rescue Agency in 2001 at the age of 17, Rescue has been at the forefront of the tobacco prevention and cessation movement. Earlier this month, Rescue Agency was honored to be the only communications agency invited to President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Smoking Cessation Forum. 

The nation's top minds in public health from the CDC, NIH, FDA, and more convened to discuss new strategies for closing the equity gap in smoking cessation and help our most underserved communities live healthier lives.

If you’d like to learn how you can work with us on your next tobacco cessation campaign, please reach out to our team.


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