Whether Vaping THC or Nicotine, Vapes Are Toxic

At Rescue Agency, we’ve conducted research with thousands of teens and young adults across the country to better understand why they continue to use vapes. We discovered that teens and young adults know about some risks when it comes to vaping, but they may not know about the risks that come from the vape devices themselves.

Our newest vaping prevention ad, “Toxicland,” shows teens that no matter what they vape—nicotine, THC, or another substance—vapes still pose many risks. From the chemicals in the juice to the metal particles from the coil in the pen, vapes are toxic. Watch “Toxicland” now to see how we demonstrate the toxicity of vapes in a teen-friendly way.

Toxicland” is a message package that’s part of our licenseable teen vaping prevention media campaign Behind the Haze, which is active in 17 states. Rather than spending valuable time and resources creating brand-new campaigns and commercials, licensees of Behind the Haze benefit from the collective research and implementation of fellow public health agencies across the country. Read our research paper published in the Substance Use & Misuse journal to learn more.

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If you’d like to learn more about licensing Behind the Haze in your community, please reach out to our team today.


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