Vaping Prevention Messages That Work, COVID-19 Edition

COVID-19 has had wide-reaching effects on our communities. It’s even impacted the epidemic that came before it: teen vaping. In this educational video “Vaping Prevention Messages That Work, COVID-19 Edition” Rescue President and Executive Creative Director Jeff Jordan reveals how the pandemic has changed teens attitudes, knowledge and behaviors around vaping. He includes research findings from teen focus groups right before COVID-19 and online interviews with teens after the stay-at-home orders were in effect.


Some of our Favorite Moments

1:47: Teens who experimented with vaping (used less than 100 times in their life) appear to have reduced their use throughout COVID-19. Reductions in use are related to more parental supervision, less access, fewer interactions, and more. Jump in here to learn more.

3:16: Hear quotes from teen vaping experimenters about why their behaviors toward vaping have changed.

4:00: Regular users (teens who have used more than 100 times in their life) reported an increase in vape use, due to boredom, coping with stressors of being at home, and more.

5:27: Jeff shares direct quotes from regular vape users, who discuss the post-COVID vaping landscape.

6:09: Jeff covers a few additional changes in vaping behavior throughout the pandemic. For example, teens are shifting toward disposables like Puff Bars, as they’re lower in cost, easier to access, and have better flavors.

7:54: Teens have an increased awareness of the chemicals in vapes and their risks. Throughout our post-COVID research and testing, many teens cited popcorn lung, reduced athletic performance due to vaping, “nic sick,” and much more. Listen to teen quotes on this topic.

10:50: Our research uncovered changes in addiction knowledge and perceptions. Jeff shares quotes from teens about their perspectives on nicotine addiction.

13:00: Some changes in teen attitudes were COVID-specific, with teens becoming more aware of lung health and the negative health effect of vapes.

14:36: Jeff discusses the types of messages that are most effective in driving behavior change for teens who vape in light of these COVID-19 changes in behaviors, attitudes and knowledge about vaping.

17:29: See an example of an ad that received a 4.02 Perceived Effectiveness score from teens and learn why it worked.


21:07: Jeff shares an ad that was created just after the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it received a 3.93 Perceived Effectiveness score from teens. Hear from teens about why the ad was so powerful.


23:42: Each of these ads are available for licensing as part of our ready-made teen vaping prevention campaign: Behind the Haze. Learn more in the video or visit our website.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing Behind the Haze to your community, please reach out Krysten Isaac, Group Management Director, Tobacco Programs.


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